Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love winter...the sweaters, the scarves, the mittens and hats!!!

I also hate winter....the sweaters, the scarves, mittens and hats!!

I love being able to layer and wear cozy sweaters and how cute we all look freshly bundled up and how was come back in with rosy cheeks BUT the preparations for it is just so much.

Some days it's hard enough for me to make sure I have the proper winter outdoor gear on but since having children it's definately added to the stress of winter. 

You just can't send them outside to play.  You have to make sure it's not actually freezing cold out because that gorgeous sun can be decieving!!!  You then have to bundle them all up so only their eyes are showing and send them out.  My children are still small so it usually means I also have to get all dressed and play in the snow too, when in actual fact there are so many things I could get done with no children running around screaming!!!  Not happening though!

Now don't get me wrong, I love playing in the snow with my children.  Sliding, skating, making snowmen.  Since I have boys that also means playing trucks in the snow, since you can play trucks anywhere and everywhere!!!

Even just the simplest tasks of going to the store take soooo much effort!  We all need boots, coats and mittens and my little monkeys need hats!

Those are the moments when I miss the heat and ease of summer!

However, I live in New Brunswick, Canada and I will not be escaping winter, so it's time to enjoy this season! 

Cute sweaters and all!!!!

Here are a few of my favourites to make the weather worth it!

Navy cable knit sweater - LLBean
Grey short sleever cowl neck sweater - Smart Set

Cream button neck sweater - Loft

Just a few reasons to enjoy the winter season.

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