Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January is always a time of renewal.  People think because it's a new year that it's time to get reorganized, get fit, make more money.....whatever is important to them.

I like January for it's slower pace, it really is a time for reenergizing.  I live in Canada, so January means cold.  So you spend a little more time indoors and with the people you love.  The Christmas rush is over and there is nothing really happening for a few months.  Unless of course you are one of the lucky ones that are heading south!!

I am not one of those lucky ones, maybe next year.  But I find January is good for bringing your life back in order.  Mine was definately crazy in December!  I started January off with some excellent quality time with my family and have so many plans to make my world a little happier!

We are going to start major renovations in our basement and minor renovations to our upstairs great room.  I am very excited for both!  I will make sure to document and discuss all of our great changes!

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