Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tissues and Medicine

Tissues and medicine have certaintly taken over our house the past two weeks.  Hence the lack of love the blog has been receiving!

I had started a post about family time early last week but a cold took over and I feel under the bus!!!  That post will come at another time.

This is just a little hello so you don't all forget about me.  I am going to show you a few of my favourite things, so then I won't feel so sad!!!!!

Daisies and blue skies....Spring is in the air.

My all time favourite family photo - you can't not smile when looking at this!!

Shoes - always put a smile on my face

Adorable baby photos

MY adorable babies!!! (little boys really!!!)

My dream of someday having a space like this

CANDY!!!  (If only I could find these again.....they were the best sours around!)

And finally, knowing that days like this.....

....are just around the corner!!

Enjoy your day and you will be hearing from me again soon!!


  1. Those were my favourite sour candies too! I enjoy reading your blog. Great job!

    Julie McAllister

  2. Thanks Julie. If I ever find them again, I promise to share!