Monday, April 9, 2012

My Loves

A few weekends back I took Friday off for a little family fun with my boys.  It's always nice to take some time off and enjoy being a family.

We visited with old friends, watched some hockey, went to our regularly scheduled activites, suger bushed it up and I even got a date night with my husband.
Great weekend, topped off with a relaxing Sunday afternoon and evening at home.

These are the important things in my life, I sometimes forget it.  It's weekends like this that remind me of how much I have!  My two active little boys are adorable, loving, magical and topped of with a little touch of mischief!  I couldn't ask for two better monkeys!!!  My husband is an amazing, kind, caring and handsome man who I take for granted sometimes but I think he knows how much I love him!

I am blessed to have my parents around to visit and play with their grandchildren, wonderful brothers and extended family!  My in-laws are amazing people, I definately lucked out!

My friends are also my family, I am so lucky to have wonderful, beautiful and thoughtful friends who are always there when I need them and when I don't!!!!

I have so much to be happy about and I have so much to be thankful for!  It's wonderful when you have moments were you can sit back and reflect on the life you have been granted, created and nutured!

This past Easter weekend was another one of those great weekends.  I started this post before the cold's took over my home and I thought now was a great time to finish it.

This weekend was another great family fun weekend, we visited with lots and lots of family.  I am sure I ate too much candy and that my pants are going to have trouble fitting soon if I keep this up but we enjoyed it!

I just wanted everyone to remember the important things in life.  They aren't the material things, they are the wonderful memories you are creating everyday!

Enjoy your loved ones and enjoy the moments!!!

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