Tuesday, April 24, 2012



(Beautiful Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, if I ever decided to wear a watch again, I would want this!)

Remember when your parents used to tell you that time would go so fast when you got older and you did not believe them at all.  The only thing that went by fast was summer and even then it still seemed like you had so long to do things!

Well apparently I grew up because time is on full speed ahead around here.

I just don't seem to have enough of it.  Sure I can get things done after dark but I realized something very important this weekend.  I don't do well at doing things after dark.  When the kids are in bed and I have brought order (slightly) back to my house, all I want to do is sit down and watch my PVR'd shows or read a book.  (Or perhaps shop online for shoes!!!)

(I dream of the space to do this, I have the shoes, just need the space!!)

I do not want to do all the things on my list once the time actually comes.  I make all sorts of plans in my head but then the couch calls to me and I sit!

(Love the colour scheme, whenever the basement is finished these are it's colours!)

I realized this on Saturday night when my husband went out with an old friend.  I made grand plans in my head for his night out and my night in to get things done.  Instead I watched HGTV (at least someone was productive during my time!)

I am an early to sleeper because my children are early to risers!!!  So up we are at 6:30am and I am ready to face the day.  If life didn't get in the way, I could get those things done.  We are always so busy out and about that I rarely get to my projects.  Which is why my children's art work project is still sitting on the shelf all ready to go, I just need to put it up!  Someday and I promise to take a picture, if it ends up anything like it looks in my head, I should be very proud!

I think one extra day a week would definitely help me out.  I spend most of my lunch times running errands and going to appts.  When we get home from work, I want to play and visit with my kids after supper and before they go to bed.  So by the time I can get organized to go do my errands, most places are either closed or will be soon.

So if I do have stuff that needs to be done and I go out, I end up feeling guilty that I didn't put the monkeys to bed or play with them long enough. 

I think I need to let go of the guilt and of the rush for the projects.  Eventually they will get done and I will make a plan for a new one!!!!

Does anyone else wish we had a little more time in the week?

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  1. I covet that Michael Kors watch. I ask for it every holiday. Even St. Patrick's Day:)

    PS NEVER enough time.