Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little persistance...

Goes a long way. 

A few years ago my husband and I researched and debated on which camera we wanted to take pictures of our adorable new son.  After finding the camera and realizing my clumsiness we went for the warranty package.  It paid off today!

Approximately 6 months ago I noticed the battery door was split, it still worked but looked a little rough.  Over the next 4 months it got worse, so I found the warranty letter and yup we still had 6 months left on it!  So away it went, they took forever to do a little job and sent us a back a newer model refurbished!  This turned out to be complete crap.

A week ago I took it back in to discuss this and was told they would email the camera brand.  I told them I needed a solution before this weekend and I would be back next week. 

So today, armed with my persistant attitude and my gear, I went back.  I received a new camera today, sure I had to purchase some upgrades and replacements as some of my old gear was outdated. 
BUT I got a new camera that I hope will work out wonderfully.

The moral of this story is if you feel strongly about something stick with it.  Most people would have probably just gone home and lived with the crappier camera rather than be persistant with what they know is right.  Now don't get me wrong, I know nothing is for free and don't expect things to be free.  I was very willing for them to track down my old camera with a new door and have it sent back to me but they were unable to do that.  The next solution was to give me a new camera since the one I was given didn't work up to the previous camera's standards.  I knew this was the right solution and the fair solution.  They showed me a camera that was equivelant to mine and I would have to wait two weeks for it.  I asked them to show me a camera that was a little better and in stock.  I personnally made the decision to upgrade a little and get my camera today.

I hope it was worth it!   We have a special 4th birthday to capture this weekend!

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