Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas is upon us!

I am completely unsure where November went.  However, it has come and gone and I just have to deal with it.

December is a busy month!!  We have a 4th birthday to prepare for, parties to attend, even a wedding to attend.  Cupcakes, krispie treats, cookies and chocolate balls all waiting to be made.  Just thinking about all the things that we need to do has me tired!

I love December though, I keep dreaming of the snow but the weather is not quite cooperating and for that fact I have not finished decorating my house!  I just need a little snow fluttering outside, the christmas music to be playing and some hot chocolate and I will be ready!

My biggest task for this week is to bake cookies and prepare for my oldest son's 4th birthday.  He is so excited to have his friends over.  So to keep things simple, I am letting them play with all his toys first!  He doesn't like cake (I know what kids doesn't like cake!!) so we have decided to leave out the cake for this birthday.  I will be making sugar cookies and have them each from frost and decorate their own cookie!  I love it when a snack and a craft come together!!! 

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the presents and fancy activities for birthdays!!  I am hoping that keeping some things simple, like just playing with toys and decorating cookies will help to calm this down.  For each of my children's first birthday's I asked friends not to bring presents at all but to give money to a charity.  First first birthday was the food bank because it was the holiday season, second first birthday was the IWK because we had a family friend in at the time.  I thought both were great ideas and will try that again as our children get a little older and understand more about helping people.  My two little munchkins don't want for much, so they can definately do without a few presents!!!

The Christmas holiday's tend to become more and more about presents.  Now don't get me wrong, I love presents!!  I love receiving and giving presents.  I take my time and think about what would be really fun or thoughtful for each person I buy or make for them!!

I hope to make everyone smile a little on Christmas day!!

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