Monday, December 19, 2011

It's almost time!

The presents are bought, the wrapping is done (well almost), the stockings are hung (drapped over the railing) and the treats are baked (and vanishing quickly)!  Let Christmas happen!!

Well if Christmas happened today I am sure we would be just fine but I do have a few things left to do. 

I wonder if everyone did with a little less, I bet they would still be just as happy!

I think that some people see more stuff as better, I don't know if it actually does make it better.  I know that my children will be excited for their new gifts over the holiday's and will definatley play with most of them but for how long?  I will most likely take some toys and pack them away in their closets to take out as a treat over the next few months!  It's like a special treat in the middle of January to get to play with a new toy or game (and frankly January doesn't have many special treats!!!)

I believe people might enjoy the holiday's a little more if they created a budget and stuck to it.  Over buying for the sake of busying leads to guilt, a sense of chaos (when you have to find a spot for it all) and a split second of happiness.

We maybe need to think about the split second of happiness, is it worth it?  Was is worth the money, effort and time spent to purchase they extra things?  Was it worth the guilt that perhaps you feel for buying so much?  Was it worth the effort and stress to find somewhere to put (store) this new thing?

Christmas should be about giving but maybe just a little less than normal!

That's my Christmas wish this year!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas (and/or Holiday Season!!)

AND a wonderful and happy New Year!!

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