Wednesday, May 21, 2014

strawberry jam

It's been awhile and perhaps seems strange to come back with a jam recipe, especially since in New Brunswick it's not strawberry season yet.   But it will be soon enough and I want everyone to be prepared!!
Homemade strawberry jam is my absolute favourite jam.  This easy easy recipe is my favourite.  When I was 14 my dad was diagnosed with diabetes.  He didn't have the self control to not eat the things he loved so we had to start making the changes in our house.  That helped him and in turn probably made me a much healthier person.
So the old jam recipe with 4 cups of sugar had to go out the window!!!!
I most often use Garden Fare and it has the recipe on it but I thought I would share it anyways!

This is no cook freezer jam and uses 40% less sugar than regular packages.

Once you have picked and I am sure eaten a few beautiful strawberries.

Rinse all the bugs and dirt off them.
Next hull the greens off and cut into smaller pieces.

Next stir in 1 cup of sugar (my mother uses 1 cup of spenda)
The package says 1 1/2 cups but I always make mine with 1 and it still takes great.

Allow to stand for 15 minutes
Then sprinkle in gelling powder a little at a time while stirring for 3 minutes.
All to stand for 5 minutes

Stir for 1 minute

Then since I like it really smooth with no lumps of fruit (if you like your jam like that) then at this point put it in the blender and blend until smooth. (if not skip this step)
Then place them in your containers, label and freeze.  Make sure to keep several containers out because you are going to want to eat it with everything!
I use mine obviously for toast and bagels but also on top of cheesecake and ice cream too!
I hope you enjoy this!

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