Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back in the Saddle

I used to have horses so the title seems appropriate. 

I have been gone awhile and I think I am ready to be back for awhile.  I have some plans and I think they should be fun!  We will see how well they turn out.  Actually I am hoping that at least someone checks out the blog to actually see if it does turn out!

I think I will start with a recap of the past several months.

Christmas was around the last time that I posted, so Christmas came and went, it was a fun time and I love every minute of it!

 We never managed to get organized for family pictures for our Christmas cards (and I love Christmas cards!!)  So I dressed the boys up and put them on the deck in Hartland!
thumbs up mom, we are still digging photo taking!
Sometimes they are just too funny

Funny boys, trying to look cool
Then we thought (let's face it, I thought) we needed to Christmas it up!  So out came the lights and then came the antics!
These kids!

This is how we get the star on the tree!!  I am hoping someday Joel let's me put the star up!! haha!

Christmas concert fun and this guy gives the wink!!!

The snow arrived and didn't stop!!!  Until May!!

I loved this photo - Hartland, NB

Backyard snow fun

Christmas Eve with our Christmas PJ's!
Love them!

Leaving cookies for Santa!

I am sure I had photos from Christmas morning but I don't think they were any good!
Smile it's Christmas
We love to build lego and I was so proud of my 6 year old for building this all by himself!!
Since that was super long, I will continue another day!!
I am back!

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