Friday, November 4, 2011

Enjoying the little things

Well look at that, it's next week and here I am.

This past week has had some really lows.  My world is covered in a film of stress and I am hoping that next week it will even out a bit.  However, compared to others my stress is so minimal to some that it makes me feel silly.  But it's still my stress!

My children are both healthy (cold's don't count!), my self and my husband are doing just fine.  We have a house to go home to and food to eat.  To many just having that is like winning the lottory.  I forget that!  Like I believe many people do.  The same old story goes, there are children starving in Africa so eat your vegetables.  We use the line but sometimes we forget that it's true.

And obviously not just Africa, there are children going hungry in your backyard.  I don't know if it's the holiday season that spurs on these thoughts but they are out in full force!  They definately have been getting more pronounced after having children.  I think that it comes with the selflessness that children bring.  Their needs are greater than your own.  It makes you think outside your little bubble and realize you are pretty damn lucky!

That being said, my children's school are doing a shoe box fund raiser for children in poor cultures.  I love this idea and plan to have my children help me choose items to donate.  They are allowed to send toys, some candies, fun accessories for little girls, soap, t-shirts and hopefully a few notes!  I hope to show my children that we are very fortunate and some people aren't as fortunate!  It's hard for children to understand but it's beautiful to watch them naturally show no discrimination towards others.  I hope that they can keep this trait throughout their years!

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